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Working with you or on your behalf we can provide experienced, friendly and trusted, professional trades including electricians, plumbers, carpenters and interior designers.

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Managing the project

We understand that for many clients it can be a sensitive time during the process of decoration. We make every effort to keep any disruption to a minimum. At any time during the decorating process we are happy to answer any questions. At the end of the project we encourage all clients to view all finishes prior to payment.

Exceptional service combined with applying the finest decorative finishes

On site visits to discuss your requirements

We discuss your specific ideas and help explore what would work to enhance your home

We provide a detailed quotation for your consideration


We endeavour to provide exceptional service combined with applying the finest decorative finishes to your home. Upon your enquiry we would normally arrange a visit to discuss your requirements. We are happy to spend time with you to discuss your specific ideas and help inspire and explore what would work to enhance your home. We then provide a detailed quotation for your consideration and on approval a deposit secures a start date.

Every effort is kept to keep disruption to a minimum

During the decorating process we are happy to answer any questions


We can provide an on site visit if required to discuss your requirements. We have the flexibility to supply a painting and a decorative service out of office hours to ensure that there is no or very little disruption in your workspace. We are fully insured, CSCS approved, UTR registered and public liability insured.

Architects, Interior Designers, Building Contractors and Overseas Projects you are welcome to forward drawings

Plans and photographs for pricing and samples for intended projects can be produced and posted.


If your house is listed you may need to get permission for external redecoration if this would change the character of the building, for example by painting outside walls if they have never been painted before, or using bright colour. In some conservation areas there may be special controls on the colours you can use, so check with your local authority first. If your house is in a terrace there may be a tradition of using different bright colours, or for all houses to match; it’s a good idea to take account of local approaches. Interior decoration is very much a matter of personal taste, but there are some things that you need to remember if you live in an old house there may be traces of interesting earlier decoration.

Take extra care with redecoration because there may be layers of old paint that tells the story of the house

There could be unusual wall paintings hidden under later plaster, paint or wallpaper, which need to be kept and may be worth restoring

Seek specialist advice and conservation, rather than just redecoration. Stripping paint or lime plaster can take away layers of history that can’t be replaced

Painted or stained, rather than bare woodwork is the norm in most historic houses and in some cases was an important design feature. In such cases stripping these finishes would be damaging

Try to work with the character of your house, finding out how it would have looked, and make the most of any original decorative features

Original features such as plaster ceilings or hardwood panelling - may need special treatment, so look for firms that specialise in restoring or repairing historic interiors

Wall-panelling, plaster cornices, picture rails and timber mouldings around doors and windows are valuable and you would need consent to take them out